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We have a limited number of places available in our KS1 classes, please contact the school for more details.

Pupil Parliament

Northleigh CE Pupil Parliament is the student voice of the school. Each class has a representative on the Pupil Parliament group with the children being voted by their peers in each class.


Our Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are voted for by the whole school following a democratic process at the end of each Summer Term with each candidate preparing and presenting their manifesto to the whole school.


Our Pupil Parliament have met with local councillors and our MP - Harriett Baldwin - has consulted with them on issues such as climate change. During UK Parliament Week, local councillors will join Y5 and Y6 to debate issues.


Class representatives regularly meet with their class, bringing their class views and ideas to raise for discussion at the Pupil Parliament meetings which meet weekly. At the meetings, the representatives focus on finding solutions aimed at improving the quality of school and local life including issues which impact the broader school community.


This year, we have higher expectations of ourselves to become 'change-makers' and are thinking more broadly than just improving our school environment/provision. We are developing our attitudes and behaviours so that we can be brave, strong and fearless in our local community and the wider world and really make a difference. We have started this term with a specific focus on improving the environment through Eco focussed initiatives as part of our Active Citizenship Awards scheme for First News. We have linked up with Malvern Hills District Council who have supported us in sponsoring St Peter's Road so that we can be Wombles and keep it neat and tidy.

This year we even have a Parliament trip planned to EnviroSort to help us understand recycling in a more meaningful way.





Our Prime Minister and Deputy 2021 to 2022