Years 5/6

Welcome To Years 5/6!

******Home learning information below******



Scroll right down to the bottom to the 'Other fun things' section to download a brilliant lockdown diary to fill in, from illustrator Stephen McCarthy. 

In Year 5/6 we have three parallel mixed Year 5 and Year 6 classes: Hazel Class, Silver Birch Class and Cherry Class. 


Our teachers are:

Mrs Currie (Hazel Class)

Mrs Hadley (Silver Birch Class)

Mrs Gibson (Cherry Class)

Mr Ross (Silver Birch and Cherry Class)


Our support staff are: 

Mrs Baker-Humpage 

Mrs Slater 

Mrs Hutchinson

Miss Wesley

Miss Horne 

The school is currently closed to most pupils due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

You have been given a home-learning pack to work on over the next two weeks. 


For further learning activities, please see the resources linked below. 


In the Maths packs, read through the learning reminders first and then choose the level of work you think matches your understanding of the topic.

In the English packs it's best to work through the days in order, as they often begin with a text to read. 

Please note that there are separate learning packs for children in Year 5 and Year 6. 


Psst! It's not just Maths and English - scroll down for some ideas for PE lessons from home as well as some other fun things!

We are adding new links and ideas all the time, so don't forget to scroll down to the bottom regularly!


***Have you tried the Lego challenge yet? Scroll down to see each daily task!***


PARENTS: As always, please make sure that you are happy with your children viewing any external links in the resources below before allowing them access. 


Please find below resources to support your learning (in addition to the learning packs already sent home) for the weeks beginning Monday 23rd March and Monday 30th March. 


If your child is desperate for more Maths, the link below (scroll down to the 'More Maths' section) for White Rose Hub provides daily planned 'lessons' for each year group and is updated weekly. 

More Maths for Years 5 and 6!

Fewest Squares

Another Youcubed challenge! Draw yourself an 11x13 grid. If you don't have squared paper at home, you could create one on your computer or print off the image below. 

Your challenge is to draw as few squares as possible to cover this grid. 


  • The squares cannot overlap.
  • They do not all have to be the same size.
  • Every square of the grid must be covered. 


Try a few times. When you are happy that you have found the fewest number of squares to fill the grid, can you answer the question: How do I know? 



  • Try a 12x15 rectangle. Before you try: do you expect that you will be able to draw fewer squares or more? Why?


Mathematical art

Art is everywhere in our world and a lot of the time is connected to maths, although you might not always see it that way. 

Your challenge is to find, or create, some mathematical art! I have added some examples below, but what I mean by mathematical art is art which uses:

  • pattern
  • symmetry
  • angles
  • geometric shape
  • translations

....etc! This list is not exhaustive! 

You might want to take an existing famous artwork and rework it to make it mathematical, or you might want to take one of the mathematical concepts above (or any other!) and think about how you can use art to explore it. 

We would love to see what you come up with! 





Multiplication trick 

Have a look at this 'trick' for multiplying two 2-digit numbers. Have a go! What do you think? 

More English for Years 5 and 6!

PE from home! 


Please see below for some ideas to keep active while learning at home. 


Climb a mountain!


Many of us are lucky to have the Malvern Hills on our doorstep so can still safely go out for a walk. However, outdoor education teacher David Sharp has devised a challenge for those missing the challenge of mountaineering. 

He has worked out how many of your stairs at home you would need to climb in order to climb the height of different mountains in the UK. For example, to climb the equivalent height of Mount Snowdon, you would need to climb 7052 steps of your staircase at home! 

So why not set yourself the challenge of climbing a mountain over the coming weeks at home?! (Please be careful when climbing the stairs!) 

(Bonus points if you spotted the incorrect grammar in the post! wink)


Other fun things:

Why not try this art challenge that Mrs Hadley saw on Twitter? Recreate a famous work of art (or make your own!) using just clothes, bedsheets etc. If you like, email in a picture of your creations to the school office!



***30 Day Lego Challenge!***


I am a little 'late to the party' on this, but discovered this fantastic Lego challenge. Have you had a go yet? Elodie is enjoying having a go with her Duplo! 

Mrs G