SCHOOL CLOSURE: Support with Learning




Home Learning Packs


We have put updated 'Home Learning' packs and resources on to the website, for use during the school closure. 


To access these, click on 'Phase Pages' below, or within the section labelled 'Children').




'Support with Learning':

The idea of this particular page is to give parents/carers an extensive range of other home learning links that could be used during the school closure.   This is a great list of interactive websites and supported learning activities that can be used to help with your child's learning at home.  Please don't be worried about whether you are 'doing the right thing'... we appreciate that it is hard for parents/carers at the moment.  If you are enabling your child to be learning, that is great!

Home Learning Resources documents and timetable suggestion

Some general Reading/Spelling/Phonics help:


Love Reading for Kids have developed a range of materials on their website including polls and competitions :


The Book Trust has a great range of things to offer too:


Oxford Owl has a good range of resources::


Phonics Play Comics has decodable comics linked to Letters and Sounds:

Try these - they are brilliant ways to record this time in history...!

Click below to find some information and activities about Captain Tom Moore and his incredible achievement!

Click below for a fantastic digital mapping website - have fun! 

'Collective Worship' and Assemblies while at home

Learning through Film:

All the online educational resources at Film Space are available, free of charge, for use in or out of schools and colleges, during the school closures.

The resources include fun activities, worksheets involving analysis, research and critical thinking. 400+ film related, curriculum and subject appropriate resources are online at: and


30-Day Lego Challenges, including a NEW Bible-based Challenge...!

Why not try these Lego Challenges every day? You can apply your Maths and DT skills! Have lots of fun!!

Suggested books to read

Guidance on Year 6 SATs