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Our Staff

Our Staff 1 Mrs Kelly - EYFS Leader - 1HK Class Teacher
Our Staff 2 Mrs Kerry - 11LK Class Teacher
Picture 1 Mrs Tittley - 11LK Teaching Assisstant
Picture 2 Mrs Tainton - 1HK Teaching Assisstant



Mrs Kerry and I are looking forward to working closely with you and your child during this year. We are always available to talk about any concerns you have about your child at the end of the day. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Outdoor P.E. will be every Tuesday afternoon with Mr Handy
Indoor PE will be Monday morning

All about us
Starting school is a big mile stone in our lives not just for a child but their whole family. At Northleigh we aim to make this a fun and exciting time as we know how important it is to continue the learning journey that you as parents have already begun with your child.


Every child deserves to:

  • enjoy and achieve!
  • be healthy
  • stay safe
  • make a positive contribution
  • achieve economic well-being

As a team we work hard to plan new and exciting activities that will enable each child to access all the areas of learning and development; looking carefully at the skills the children need to learn, then planning alongside the children to find out what they would like to learn next and what topics interest them.
We use a range of strategies to support learning including whole class teaching, small group activities and one-to-one intervention. We believe children become successful learners when implementing their knowledge during their learning through play.
Learning through play gives us the opportunity to play alongside, model and observe the children to develop and support what they need as individual learners. We work in partnership with parents and love to celebrate those special moments that make you proud of your child.
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