Welcome to Reception

The school is currently closed to most pupils due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Below you will find planning activities for Reception. I hope you enjoy working on them.


Class Blogs - Tapestry for Reception

We are adding our work onto Tapestry. Please post what your child has been up to during lockdown. Mrs Green is setting weekly challenges which she is rewarding with gold points to the class with highest weekly participation.

We look forward to hearing from you. 


Planning for:

6th July - 16th July Under the Sea



This link will take you to a book for children that explains the Coronavirus. It may be something you would like to share with your child.


Activities to promote positive health and well-being

It is really important during this time of change that we do our best to ensure that the children’s mental health and well-being remains positive, as some children may find the change in daily routine difficult. Please encourage your children to spend time everyday doing activities that promote positive health and well-being. Below are some ideas:

  • Be outside
  • Play
  • Art – colour, paint, draw, get creative
  • Music – singing, playing, listening
  • Gardening
  • Exercise
  • Cooking
  • Doing kind things for others
  • Reading


Keeping Active

  • Children should be getting plenty of exercise everyday. They could each day in your garden, play sports and games, dance, complete workouts, make obstacle courses to name just a few ideas. The Change4Life website includes information about active hobbies and sports, as well as fun 10 Minute Shake Up games.

    Take a look at this ‘Home Learning, Stay Active’ sheet with links (some listed below) to useful websites and social media platforms that are providing free content.

    Remember, it is just as important to keep your child moving as it is to keep them thinking and reading. Do a little bit of physical exercise every day! Our bodies need to be looked after as well as our brains!


  • Joe Wicks will be holding live PE lessons for 30 minutes every day, Monday-Friday, at 9am on his YouTube channel. This is for children of all ages to join in with.
  • The Body Coach also has a great playlist of ‘5 Minute Move’ videos. These provide short workouts to get your kids moving!
  • Little Sports has videos featuring a variety of exercises to help your children stay active at home.
  • GoNoodle has hundreds of ‘brainercise’, dancing, strength and mindfulness videos, as well as videos that are just for fun.
  • There’s so many amazing videos on Youtube to check out! If your child loves dancing, check out Just Dance or Zumba Kids tutorials.


Starting Monday 23.03.20, free Read Write In. Phonics lessons will be live on Facebook (Read Write Inc.) and Youtube (Ruth Miskin Training) for children to watch at home. These will consist of three short Speed Sound lessons with a Read Write Inc. trainer every day for the next two weeks.

These films will only be available at the times below:

Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9:30am and again at 12:30pm.

Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10:00am and again at 1:00pm.

Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10:30am and again at 1:30pm.

These films will be streamed live and won’t be available at other times.

They will also be offering a range of free resources so that children can continue their Read Write Inc. learning journey away from the classroom. This will include a ‘phonics spine’ of 72 free eBooks matched to Read Write Inc. levels, along with 62 Speed Sound practice sheets, 28 Ditty practice sheets, parents information booklets and 8 Speedy Green Words slideshows. These free resources will be added to the Read Write Inc. page on Oxford Owl for Home over the coming weeks. 


Children should spend at least 30 minutes each day reading a book of their choice. This can be independent reading or shared reading with an adult or a sibling.


  • Visit Scholastic – Classroom Magazines, which sets five learning journeys each week. Each day requires the children to listen to a book, read independently and complete a reading activity. These learning journeys are differentiated to cater for all primary age groups. Appropriate videos to support their reading, questions and interactive games are provided alongside each learning journey. Five new learning journeys will be available each week. Please start at week 1.



  • Sign up to Oxford Owl, using an email address, to access their free eBook collection, developed for children aged 3–11 years old.

I will update the planning weekly during this home schooling period. 


Why not add some of the things your child has done onto Tapestry. It would be great to see what they are up to.



Our Staff


Mrs H Kelly - EYFS Leader


Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Tittley, Mrs O'Callaghan, Miss Winkley


All about us
Starting school is a big mile stone in our lives not just for a child but their whole family. At Northleigh we aim to make this a fun and exciting time as we know how important it is to continue the learning journey that you as parents have already begun with your child.


Every child deserves to:

  • enjoy and achieve!
  • be healthy
  • stay safe
  • make a positive contribution
  • achieve economic well-being

As a team we work hard to plan new and exciting activities that will enable each child to access all the areas of learning and development; looking carefully at the skills the children need to learn, then planning alongside the children to find out what they would like to learn next and what topics interest them.
We use a range of strategies to support learning including whole class teaching, small group activities and one-to-one intervention. We believe children become successful learners when implementing their knowledge during their learning through play.
Learning through play gives us the opportunity to play alongside, model and observe the children to develop and support what they need as individual learners. We work in partnership with parents and love to celebrate those special moments that make you proud of your child.
We use Tapestry, an online assessment program, to enable parents to see what their child has been doing at school and welcome parents to post activities that their children have been taking part in at home.