Open the Book

What is Open the Book?


Open the Book began to act out the Bible Stories in Northleigh in September 2012 and has continued on a weekly basis. Gradually involving less of the adults and more children who have requested larger speaking parts and LOTS of acting as they feel it has help their confidence.


At the Open the Book Training on 13/02/18 it was stated that Open the Book is a valued part of the new SIAMS Inspection, developing the children’s knowledge of the Bible.


There is a new development called “Christian Values” Revd David Nichol and Revd Orion Edgar will be using these in school assemblies in 2018 as the “values” stories are not easy for the children to “act” out.


The present story of King David and King Saul has made the children talk about “Fairness” and “Justice”. Was it fair that King Saul wanted to kill David? The story of Jonathan and David really challenged their friendship and the children talked about this also.


The children have approximately ten minutes to learn their part each week and they are then trusted to enact the story. They ALWAYS give of their BEST. It is amazing. We always have to trust that God will provide.

Part of the Open the Book Team and Governors serve tea and coffee and biscuits to parents and their small children at the end of the Celebration Services held in Holy Trinity Church. It is a wonderful chance to chat to parents. It feels like “family” where all are valued.


Feedback from our Year 5/6 children


“Such a good way to connect with God.”

“It’s fun. Thank you for coming in on a Wednesday”, Isabel

“I loved taking part.”


“I think today was good because we got to pretend to be royal and posh.”

“The soldiers searched very well and we did amazing”

“The soldiers were great at searching and the posh people were very snooty and the slave was great actor, we made a great team.”

“It was so fun, us sheep had the time of our lives.”

“The story teaches you not to be greedy. Sharing is caring.” 

“Tells us not to be selfish.”

“At the start I was nervous but now I am confident. I felt like a grown up.”