Governors Christian and British Values Walks

The school’s values are always listed in the School Newsletter.

As both Christian and British Values are an essential part of Northleigh School Life the governors have been completing “Values Walks” In the playground before or after school, throughout the school at the beginning of the school day, during lunch and break times. Usually the children have SO MUCH to tell us it is difficult to write it all down quickly! It is a real JOY to chat to the pupils. Parents are very supportive and always very honest, this appreciated.

Some parents say that they use the Values at home. It helps that they are outlined on the Newsletter.


Pupil well informed about other faiths and very positive about appreciating that some children have different faiths.

The Growth Mindset teaching helps the children accept that they may not be able to complete the task now but they will do it.

Creativity is very much encouraged in the school. Children delight on showing us their achievements as we walk around the school.

Revd David Nichol and myself always complete a “Reflective” walk at the end of the summer term. How effective have the walks been? How can we make improvements?

We always share with other governors and staff to ensure any concerns highlighted by the walks are dealt with.