At Northleigh C of E Primary School we deliver an imaginative and inspiring curriculum with a focus on key skills and independence to ensure our children understand the diversity of the world around us, their place within it and the skills they need to succeed.

We are a ‘Thrive’ school practising an approach to ensure the well-being of our pupils leading to happy, confident and resilient lifelong learners. Part of our vision is for every pupil to achieve the highest possible standards in the core subject areas of the National Curriculum; English, Maths and Science and therefore we have focused phonics, number, calculation, handwriting, reading, grammar and spelling sessions. Our creative approach enables these skills to be applied through the Foundation Subjects including History, Geography, Computing, Art, Design and Technology, Religious Education and French. These subjects are delivered and ‘launched’ through real life experiences provided by Educational Visits and specialist visitors, drama and role-play. Each year an additional ‘whole-school theme’ provides opportunities for all year groups to investigate and explore the same theme from different perspectives. This additional theme will usually be linked to a topical national or global event. For the 2017-2018 academic year, the whole school additional theme was based around ‘The Great War’ – commemorating the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One. Each phase of the school focused on a different aspect of the war based around age-appropriate skills and knowledge.

Our pupils take part in a rich and varied Physical Education curriculum which enables pupils to compete in a diverse range of sports. Pupils enjoy singing and have the opportunity to join the choir and orchestra. Through ‘British Values’ and our embedded school values system, pupils’ celebrate their differences and similarities and celebrate the strengths and successes found in each other, an important part of each child’s personal, social and moral development.