Eco School

Eco Schools is an international Award Scheme guiding schools on their journey towards sustainability. Its framework helps to embed sustainable principles into school life. There are 3 levels of award - bronze, silver and the Green Flag. Here at Northleigh we are currently working towards the Bronze award. In order to achieve this a new Eco-Schools Committee has been formed. The Eco-Committee comprises of a strong body of 19 members with representatives from Year 1 to Year 6:


Year 1 – Amelie, Anusha, Elliott, Jessie, Oliver, Ryan. 
Year 2 – Harry, Molly-Mae, Frase, William.
Year 3 – Alex, Oliver.
Year 4 – Brooke, Eddie , Grace.
Year 5 – Martha, Seth, Isabella
Year 6 – Izzy


Eco Chairperson – To be announced January 2018
Secretary – To be announced January 2018


Together we have the shared vision to inspire the whole school to work towards different Eco-projects and ensure Eco themes become embedded into our already exciting creative curriculum. The Eco-Committee hold regular meetings (once a fortnight) where future ideas on how to make our school and local community more environmentally friendly and sustainable are discussed and then shared with the rest of the school community. A ‘Pupil Environmental Review’ is be undertaken in January 2018 which will then provide the children with the information needed to create an Action Plan. 

If you want to find out more about Eco schools, please visit or ask one of the above Eco members whom would be happy to tell you all about it.